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SeaV™ Vessel Traffic Management System

SeaV™ Vessel Traffic Management System is a state-of-the art solution for assuring safe and efficient navigation in the ports, harbors and coastal areas. SeaV™ allows managing vessel traffic flow and provides communication of vessels entering the port and port authorities. The system uses advanced multi-sensor tracking algorithms and assures 24/7 all-weather monitoring of the surveillance area providing the operators with comprehensive traffic picture superimposed maritime professional navigation charts.  SeaV™ is a scalable solution suitable for small ports and large nation-wide coastal monitoring systems.

SeaV™ Vessel Traffic Management System configuration

We have developed SeaV™ VTMS with its main objective to provide the maritime community with a fully integrated system supporting a wide range of features, including:

Radar and AIS multi-sensor tracking 2
Sea Surveillance multi-sensor tracking algorithm allows precise all-weather real-time target detection and tracking. Information received from radar and AIS is merged and presented as one target on operator surveillance display. 
Real time navigational and vessel information Isurv
The intuitive surveillance display provides the operator with full comprehensive real-time traffic picture superimposed on electronic charts. Full information about any vessel entering the port can be easily obtained. Set of tools allows to see vessels on collision course.
Guard zones with adjustable alarm criteria Zones
SeaV™ supports operator in taking critical decisions in real time. Guard zones with preset alarm criteria allows to monitor if vessel follows port requirements. Operator will be notified should any vessel violate the rules. Alarm criteria are customized according to customer request.
Record and playback History
All system data including traffic situation, weather, camera stream, VHF communications can be recorded and replayed. Playback is performed in a separate window without interfering current situation monitoring. The system can dynamically create reports and statistical analysis.
Radio communication Vhf1
VHF radio system allows Simplex&Duplex radio communication between vessels and port authorities. Multiple radio stations can be controlled from operator surveillance display. All VHF communications are recorded for further playback.
CCTV with slew-to-cue  Seav CCTV
CCTV assures visual inspection of current situation in the port area. Camera is remotely controlled from the panel integrated into operator surveillance display. Slew-to-cue function assures automatic follow-up of violating target.
Weather and MetOcean Buoy
Full current weather and wave information including temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity,  wave height is provided in the weather tab. Historical weather parameters can be retrieved and presented as a statistical graphs.
Port database Database
SeaV™ supports data exchange of vessel information and time of arrival / departure with existing port database. If required, port database can be developed according to customer specification.

SeaV Vessel Traffic Management System versions

  Radar antenna size, ft AIS PTZ CCTV camera Radio system Weather station Number of operators Charts History recording Remote control of the equipment  Port database Redundant server Customization IALA compliant


 receiver  1  recording  basic  1 >10 days  -  -  -  -
Standard 8 - 12 base station     full VoiP   customized  1-3  6 months  -  -  - basic
Advanced >12 base station  unlimited   full VoiP   customized  unlimited customized advanced



Radar antenna size, ft


8 - 12 >12
AIS  receiver base station  base station
PTZ CCTV camera  1     unlimited
Radio system recording   full VoiP  full  VoiP 
Weather station  basic  customized  customized
Number of operators  1  1-3  unlimited
History recording >10 days  6 months  customized
Remote control of the equipment
Port database  -  -
Redundant server  -  -
Customization  -  -
IALA compliant  - basic advanced


VTMS is designed to fulfill IALA recommendations.

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