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SeaH™ Helideck Monitoring System

The SeaH™ Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) provides accurate information on the prevailing weather and helideck motion to ensure effective flight planning and safe landings on offshore installations. Measurements are based on world-class reliable sensors designed specifically for offshore weather monitoring.

Helideck Monitoring System Configuration  helideck-monitoring-system-configuration_9b

SeaH™ Helideck Monitoring System features:

Red/green light for landing
Helideck Site
The system analyses helideck motion, sea state and weather parameters and automatically turn on green or red light for helicopter landing.
Real time display Real1
Real time information from all the sensors connected to the system is presented in on the surveillance display.
Helideck motion information Motion5
The system presents average heave, pitch, roll, significant heave rate for the chosen period of time as well as Max Pitch, Max roll, Max inclination, Max heave and heave rate statistics.
Recording  and playback Playback
The system assures synchronized VHF / Camera / Weather data recording and playback including weather, wave and helideck motion statistic information.
Integration with CCTV Heli
Live stream from CCTV camera is integrated into SeaH™ surveillance display to assure visual monitoring of the helideck.
Day/night mode Nigh6
To  ensure comfortable monitoring in different lighting conditions the operator can switch the display between day and night mode.
Weather and wave information Weather
The system provides current information for air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, cloud height, vertical visibility, sky condition, sea/water temperature, water level and wave height.
Wind direction gauge Gaurge
The system graphically presents heading of the offshore platform and helideck heading along with relative wind direction.
Helideck Monitoring System operator workplace layout Helideck monitoring system operator workplace


  • SeaH™ Helideck Monitoring System complies with CAP437 revision 9b 20 11 01 and Norwegian helideck regulations.

SeaH™ CAP437 revision 8

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