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SeaF™ Fish Farms Security System

Unique turn-key solution assuring full set of fish farm remote security surveillance. The main intention of the system is to protect vulnerable fish farm infrastructure from theft and poaching and collisions with passing by vessels along with critical weather and water parameters monitoring. Modular design allows to customize set of sensors / features according to the customer particular needs. We provide fish farm security system ready to install including mounts and installation pole for the sensors.

Fish Farm Security System configuration

SeaF™ Fish Farm Security System features and functions

Prevention theft and poaching  Theft
For early intrusion detection the system utilizes combined data from radars and PTZ CCTV cameras. The cameras are remotely controlled and will automatically slew-to-clue on the violating target or man over board.
Multiple fish farms remote monitoring Seafmonitoring
The system is suitable for one fish farm surveillance as well as for creation of big scalable control centers for monitoring of unlimited number of fish nets. There is history recording and playback for further investigation.
Prevention of collisions with passing vessels Collision Avoidance
The system provides automatic audio and visual alarms when an uninvited vessel approaches and the operator can communicate with it through build-in VHF radio communication system if required.
Remote weather and water monitoring Seaf Weather Graph
Monitored weather parameters: temperature, wind, pressure. Monitored water parameters: temperature, dissolved oxygen, PH level, wave height. The set of monitored parameters can be customized according to customer needs.

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