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Ex(p) Radar Dome

Protects radars and other electromagnetic equipment from explosive atmospheres and allows using it in ATEX zones 1 and 2.

The Exp Radome is a self-regulating Exp-protected enclosure for X-band radars, S-band radars, VSAT antennas, position reference sensors, and other kinds of surveillance equipment.

Available in a non-Exp version for ensuring protection from harsh weather conditions.


Areas of use of Radar Dome:

  • Oil platforms.
  • Tankers.
  • Surveillance vessels.
  • LNG/oil terminals.
Radar Dome 10223-6 Ex(p)

Benefits of Radar Dome:
  • Ideal for housing sensitive equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Allows the use of radars during gas leakage.
  • Protects equipment from harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Increases equipment life and durability.
  • Doesn’t affect electromagnetic equipment performance.
  • Allows remote monitoring of pressure, temperature and operational status of the system.
  • Patented air system.

Certificates and standards:

  • EN 50016 high pressure execution (tests);
  • EN 50014 general regulations;
  • EN 50018 explosion safety tests;
  • EN 50019 flame‐proof tests.

Projects with Radar Dome:

Radar Dome exterior and interior

1.39 min demonstration of Radar Dome 10223-6 Exp exterior and interior.

Available models

Model N Image Diameter (m) Sensors Max. antenna size Download datasheet
10223-3 Ex(p)   1.02 By request 3'
10223-6 Ex(p)   2.43 Sperry Marine
VisionMaster, VSAT, 
other by request
10223-8 Ex(p) 2.8 Sperry Marine
VisionMaster, VSAT,
other by request
10223-12 Ex(p) 4.2 By request 12'
10223-18 Ex(p) 6.1 Terma 18'

All the domes are made of fiberglass optimized for 9.4 GHz, the support frame is made of stainless steel or aluminium

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