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SeaO™ Maritime Monitoring System

SeaO™ Maritime Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art solution providing real-time information to assure navigational and environmental safety monitoring, intrusion detection, collision avoidance, vessel traffic control. The intention of the system is to increase safety of offshore installations.

Areas of use:

  • Oil platform / FPSO / FSO / TLP / drilling rig - floating and stationary;
  • Offshore wind farm and wind park;
  • Control center.
SeaO™ Maritime Monitoring System configuration

The system assures:
  • Vessel traffic monitoring and control.
  • Environment protection.
  • Collision avoidance (CAS).
  • Intrusion detection (IDS).

SeaO™ Maritime Monitoring System features:

Radars Radar
Radar is the main source of receiving information about targets. The system supports a number of different radar vendors. This provides flexibility in the choice of radar based on the performance required or for integration with existing radars.
The iSurv information Surveillance Display Isurv2
The iSurv Information Surveillance Display is an intuitive operator display, all system functions and components including 3rd party modules can be accessed and controlled from iSurv. The operator’s display presents tracked targets from radars and AIS on S-57 electronic charts. Ten security levels provide data protection and each user can customize their work space.
AIS Aise
For precise vessel tracking the system uses the information both from radar and AIS and shows merged target on operator screen. AIS provides continuous monitoring of commercial vessels in the vicinity of the platform transmitting the vessel position and identification - name, call sign, and IMO number.
Information about vessels Info
The system shows targets on the electronic chart and provides detailed information about each target, including vessel name, MMSI, destination, ETA, speed, position, IMO number, navigational status, and type of vessel. There are built-in functions for vessel maneuver prediction like CPA / TCPA.
Remote system control and monitoring Remote Monotoring
To simplify system support and maintenance there is a built-in function for system performance monitoring and control. The system perform self-diagnosis giving the alarm when there is a malfunction. The sensors can be controlled remotely via special web-based application
Guard zones with automatic alarms Alarm Cctvok
Guard zones is the key tool in navigational safety monitoring. The operator chooses the guard zone, which can be of any shape and size and set the alarm criteria. Standard alarms are intrusion alarm, speed limit alarm, and leaving zone alarm, other types can be added if required. When there is a violation in the guard zone, audio and visual alarm appears. Alarm acknowledgment system assures the operator takes actions on all the violations.
An additional tool that enables high-quality camera video. Different models of ATEX HD/Thermal CCTV cameras can be integrated into the system. The camera is controlled from the iSurv Information Surveillance display. The stream from the camera is recorded and can be replayed.
Intrusion detection module (IDS) Ids1
IDS is an ideal tool for 24/7 automatic monitoring of the perimeter of offshore installations utilizing output both from radars and CCTV cameras. Slew-to-cue function assures automatic follow-up of violating target. Operator has the possibility to control camera manually from iSurv when required. The information is recorded for further playback.
Record and playback History
For further investigation all target data and radar video can be recorded and replayed. Historical records and live traffic are shown at different windows on the same operator screen. Playback has adjustable speed, can be specified for a particular target and synchronized with radar video, tracked targets and VHF recordings.
Helicopter tracking (ADS-B) Sea Surv ADS B
The module assures tracking of helicopters coming to and from the offshore assets and allows the operators to monitor helicopters movements providing the position overlaid the electronic charts as well as detailed information about helicopters in the surveillance area.
Oil spill detection system Osd9
Oil spill detection systems from different vendors can be integrated into SeaO™ system for assuring better planning of rescue operations. The information received from multiple OSD systems installed at different locations is shown on one operator Information Surveillance Display presenting oil spill, its size, shape, position and drift trajectory along with the traffic picture.
Fleet management module Fms1
Monitoring of offshore fleet can be quite challenging in the areas of open sea with no radar or AIS coverage. Fleet management module provides supply vessels position with various update rate assuring offshore vessels management irrespective of their location.
VHF maritime monitoring system main1.jpg
The VHF subsystem allows onshore and offshore operators to perform VHF calls via remote radio using VHF-over-IP (VoIP) technology. This can be integrated into the SeaO™ system or used as a stand-alone system. All VHF conversations are recorded on a central VHF server and can be retrieved for playback. Supports up to 50 VHF radios.
iServer Iserver
The iServer central server software receives information from all the system's sensors, processes the data and stores the result in a database. The use of powerful equipment for a central server assures fast processing and high reliability. All traffic warning calculations are performed on a central server and a common picture is created. Maintenance is simplified as changes only need to be made on the server. The iServer can be configured to work in hot standby mode to offer redundancy where required.


Maritime Monitoring System is designed to fulfill IALA recommendations .

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