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Maritime Monitoring System

Maritime Monitoring System is a radar-based solution for navigational and environmental safety monitoring, developed in accordance with offshore industry standards. Suitable for large-scale monitoring systems with numerous sensors, users, and locations, as well as to one-radar/one operator systems. 

The system assures:

  • Vessel traffic monitoring and control.
  • Environment protection.
  • Vessel collision avoidance.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Prevention of prohibited transactions, such as smuggling and illegal immigration.

We have developed a user-friendly, reliable state of the art solution, providing optimal features for maritime safety monitoring. 
Examples of the features we are sure you will appreciate:

Automatic audio and visual alarms.

Collision avoidance function in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring System
CCTV integration, which will turn on automatically and follow the target violating the alarm zone. Integration with CCTV in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system
Integrated helicopter tracking (ADS-B). Helicopter tracking (ADS-B) intergrated in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system
Integrated oil spill detection system. Oil Spill Detection module in Sea Surveillance Marititme Monitoring system

Precise traffic picture, even for small, fast, chaotically moving targets, the target tracking is highly capable and accomplished.

Vessel and target tracking in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system
Remote system control and monitoring. Remote equioment control in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system

Fleet management module that utilizes vessel GPS for tracking vessels in the open sea.

Fleet management module in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system

Intrusion detection module.

Intrusion detection module in Sea Surveillance Maritime Monitoring system

Areas of use:

  • Oil platforms / FPSO;
  • Traffic control services;
  • Ports;
  • Coast guards.


Maritime Monitoring System is designed to fulfill IALA recommendations.

 Sources of information

 The system combines the output of a variety of system sensors that includes:

  • X / S-band marine radar;
  • AIS;
  • Oil Spill Detection / Wave Module;
  • CCTV PTZ camera;
  • VHF radio;
  • Weather station;
  • ADS-B receiver;
  • GPS / GYRO.

IP connection of the components ensures flexibility in configuration of the system and facilitates adding new sensors.


Maritime Monitoring System key functions:

  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking unaffected by changes in weather and sea conditions.
  • Small target detection.
  • Guard zones with respect to different warning criteria for each zone.
  • Early traffic warnings (audible and visible).
  • Early collision warnings (audible and visible).
  • Vessel data provision.
  • Integration with CCTV.
  • Integration with AIS.
  • Remote location data distribution.
  • Playback and logging.
  • Remote control and monitoring of the system.
  • Operator training.
  • Integration of fleet management system module.

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