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Maritime Monitoring system for Kizomba Offshore Field Deepwater Project

Sea Surveillance continues its fruitful cooperation with Exxon Mobil providing Maritime Monitoring system for Kizomba oil field located offshore Angola.

The main intention of the system is to assure 24/7 maritime and navigational safety monitoring around two FPSO’s and two TLP’s. The scope of work also includes helideck monitoring system to manage helicopter landing offshore in constantly changing weather conditions. The main control center is located onshore in Luanda. The system will utilize radars, AIS and CCTV cameras to provide constant surveillance.

System functions:

  • Information about vessels.
  • Intrusion detection module.
  • Guard zones with automatic alarms.
  • Integration with CCTV to assure video surveillance when required.
  • Weather and wave monitoring.
  • Helideck motion monitoring.
  • Integration with oil spill detection system.
  • Onshore control center assuring remote monitoring of all the assets from single control center.

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