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Who we are

Established in 2003 in Bergen, Norway to provide innovative hi-tech software products created to the highest professional standards. We are a company founded by computer engineers with a thorough knowledge of real-time systems. Our highly educated staff, with extensive experience in computer technology, marine and offshore engineering, allow us to be a successful knowledge-based company. The skills of our specialists in naval and maritime systems cover the complete life cycle of a product - from design and development through production to in-service support. Our personnel holds offshore certificates for Europe, Asia and North America.

We are a part of Seabrokers group.


What we do

We provide turnkey maritime safety monitoring solutions for oil and gas industries.

 Our key products are:

  • Ex(p) radar domes;
  • SeaF™ fish farms security systems;
  • SeaH™ helideck monitoring systems;
  • SeaO™ maritime monitoring systems;
  • SeaR™ radio communication systems; 
  • SeaV™ vessel traffic management systems. 

We believe specialization is the key to perfection. We develop our products for oil and gas operating environments adhering to oil and gas industry standards and requirements.

All our solutions are flexible and scalable and can be a part a larger monitoring network.


Our values

We focus on one business area and specific products because we believe specialization delivers the best results.
We will find a solution to perfectly fit your requirements.
Our systems are highly configurable and we are flexible in terms of our work.
We are enthusiastic about what we do and this is reflected in our products.
Our systems and solutions work 24/7, reliability and stability built-in.

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