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BG Group / Petrojarl Knarr FPSO

Product: Maritime monitoring system iVTMS with integrated VHF radio system

Customer: BG Group / Aptomar

Location: Petrojarl Knarr FPSO, the North Sea, Norway

Location of the Aptomarin control center: Trondheim, Norway

iVTMS at Petrojarl Knarr

System components:

  • One S-band radar
  • Two X-band radars
  • AIS base station
  • VHF radio communication system
  • On-shore control center with 2 operator workplaces


Aptomarine iSurv - information surveillance display

Project description.

For this project, Sea Surveillance installed the equipment for monitoring of Petrojarl Knarr FPSO facilities and supplied software for Aptomarin onshore control center.

Aptomarin onshore control center manages 24/7 tasks in regards to vessel collision monitoring and supply vessel marine co-ordination on behalf of its onshore and offshore customers.

Sea Surveillance meets Aptomarin requirements for system flexibility and future expansion.

Challenges solved by Sea Surveillance system:

  • Performing a field monitoring service by having continuous overview of the offshore traffic, assets, and the established safety zones.
  • Detection and tracking vessels on collision course with offshore assets.
  • Monitoring attendant vessels entering safety zone and within safety zone.
  • Monitoring vessels speed.
  • Monitoring, documenting, and alerting on the activity outside the safety and precaution zones.
  • Radio communication via VHF system with offshore assets and vessels.
Aptomarine control center

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