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Pertamina / Arco Ardjuna FSO


Product: Maritime monitoring system iVTMS

Customer: Pertamina

Location: Arco Ardjuna FSO, Java Sea, Indonesia.





Pertamina iVTMS Maritime monitoring system

System components:

  • One Ex(p) radar dome
  • Redundant server system
  • Offshore control center
  • AIS base station
  • Day/night thermal CCTV
  • One multi screen operator workplace
Pertamina iSurv display

Project description:

The main purpose of the system is maritime safety monitoring and collision avoidance in day and night time.

To insure precise monitoring the system utilizes information from several kinds of sensors: X-band radar, day/night thermal CCTV, AIS.

Since the radar is installed on FSO it is protected bythe patented Sea Surveillance ATEX Radar dome to ensure safe use in potentially explosive atmosphere.

Thermal cameras can be controlled from iSurv and the video from camera is integrated in Information Surveillance Display. The ability to present the information from all sensors on one operator multi windows display makes the system user friendly and versatile.

To insure 24/7 availability and exclude the possibility of fault the system is configured to work in hot standby mode.


Pertamina opertator workplace with iSurv

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