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Eni Norge / Goliat FPSO

Product: Maritime monitoring system iVTMS with integrated VHF radio system and Oil spill detection system.

Customer: Eni Norge

Location: Goliat FPSO, Norway, the Barents Sea.

System components:

  • Two Ex(p) radar domes
  • One Ex(p) radar dome for Artemis (docking) system
  • AIS base station
  • Redundant server system
  • VHF radio system
  • Offshore control center with one operator multi-screen working place
  • Onshore control center with one operator multi-screen working place
  • Oil spill detection system
  • iVEF for  integration into larger monitoring system



Project description:

The main purpose of the system is collision avoidance, maritime and ecological safety monitoring near the platform.

For precise target tracking the system combines information received from radars and AIS.

The radars and are protected by 10223-6 Ex(p) radar domes that not only allow to use sensitive equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres but also ensure protection from extreme cold temperatures due to build-in heaters. The status of Radomes can be monitored remotely.

VHF radio system is used for voice communication with vessels around Goliat.

Oil spill detection module provides early alarms and leakage area calculation if the oil spill is detected.

The information from all the modules and sub-systems is shown on one operator multi-windows display. VHF radio system control panel is built-in iSurv- information surveillance display. Thus, the operator have all precise information in one place under his hand.

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