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ADMA-OPCO / Al Nasr oil field

Product: Collision avoidance and intrusion detection system

Customer: ADMA-OPCO / ABB

Location: Al Nasr oil field, Persian Gulf, UAE

System components:

  • Twenty two 4G radars
  • Two X-band radar
  • One S-band radar
  • One AIS redundant base station
  • Twenty six ATEX PTZ cameras
  • Five operator workplaces​

Project description:

The main goal of the system is ensuring maritime safety monitoring and collision avoidance along with short-range intrusion detection and presenting both traffic pictures on one operator screen.

The system utilizes information from 25 radars, 26 CCTV cameras and 1 AIS BS to cover quite extensive area and provide both short-range and long-range monitoring.

The use of 4G radars for intrusion detection makes the solution more cost-efficient and easy to maintain.

4G radars have very small blind zone compare to conventional maritime radars, they are smaller, lighter thus easier to install. In combination with ATEX PTZ cameras which automatically follow the target, detected by the radar that makes perfect solution for short range intrusion detection.

For monitoring on the larger distance, X-band and S-band radars are used.

The system has fully automated alarms and camera management. The “one screen application” concept displays information from cameras, radars and other sensors on one operator screen.

The system is designed to work in hot-standby mode, when any hardware item fail the redundant one will replace it seamlessly without interfering system operation.

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